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External package of works now all complete for #intubroadmarsh #intuAssetManagement following the vacation by the previous tenant, subsequent impact damage to the shopfront by a delivery vehicle all in readiness for remarketing. Great work by the team at Reirse Ryan Chris Boughey and their roofing sub contractor J Wright Roofing.

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Chris Hesbrook from Intu

Thanks to all of Reirse Ryan for your work on this project, it has been a pleasure to work with you and this and it’s a credit to all of Reirse Ryan that we were able to have a celebration involving the client at the end of a long and complicated project.

Stephen Seeney from Malcolm Hollis

A big thank you to Reirse Ryan who have successfully completed a comprehensive warehouse and office premises refurbishment. The professionalism of staff and transformation and quality of work has been very impressive and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Richard Morris from Malcolm Hollis

A special thanks must go to all of the team at Reirse Ryan, for their flexibility and overall management of the works. This was especially apparent during the first 4 weeks of the project with the challenges faced.

Richard WynMorris from Malcolm Hollis